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Procter Pest Stop Automatic metal mousetrap-PSPAMT

Product Code : PSPAMT Procter Pest Stop

1 x Procter Pest-Stop automatic Metal Mouse Trap

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Product Description
                            Procter Pest Stop Automatic metal mousetrap-PSPAMT

-The Procter Pest-Stop automatic mousetrap is a high-quality galvanised steel trap 
 designed to catch and hold up to 15 mice at the same time. 

-Multi-catch traps are often used by professional pest control operatives in areas
 where they cannot use poisons or conventional traps, or to monitor activity. 

-The Pest-Stop automatic mouse trap has a clockwork action which, once set, can catch up to 15 mice. 

-Optimum positioning for the trap is alongside walls, where mice tend to travel. 
-When the mice enter they are swept into the capture compartment. 

-There is no need to handle mice as the lid slides off the unit and the mice can be removed from the trap. 

-The unit is simple to use--simply wind the mechanism and position the trap with the two entry points 
 free for added catch-ability. 

-Clear plastic inspection window in the lid so that you can see at a glance 
 when you have a catch. Also, extra ventilation points throughout the unit help 
 to reduce stress to captured mice.

- As mice tend to run alongside the walls of rooms, the traps should be set at right angles 
 to the wall with the entry holes closest to the wall. Placing the trap behind furniture keeps 
 them out of reach of pets or children.

Product Specification
                            Procter Pest Stop Automatic metal mousetrap-PSPAMT Specification

Brand: Procter Pest Stop
Product Code: PSPAMT Procter Pest Stop